Using "Formatting Icons" in ENUM list

Hello All,

Is there a way to use the formatting icons as enum selections?

For instance I have a column called “Priority”. I only want it to display the icon instead of “High, Standard, Low, Ect.”.

Here is what my form looks like now;

and the table view;

I want it to look like this (for example);

Instead of Text you could use emojis. You would also not need the format rule.
Just insert the emoji in the Enum values.


Please feel free to find a suitable emoji on a page like

Another option would be to use Images as Enum values.

yea, I did try that. Its just not as “clean” as the icons are. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well the icons are available in the web. Like this one:
You can download it as a SVG and use it in the Enum Values as an Image.

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