Using free plan available until September 30 but... now an upgrade is required

I just got the following email:

Your App Requires an Upgrade

User: ######

Alert: Plan upgrade needed: You should be on the BUSINESS secure plan

Immediate Attention Requested: Based on current app usage & feature sets, your account requires an upgrade. In the next 3 days, please follow the steps below to understand the reason for this alert and upgrade your account to ensure it stays active.


But according to

G Suite Essentials customers can use AppSheet at no charge through September


Vikas Anand

Head of Product (Director) - Business Application Platform, Google Cloud

July 22, 2020

In April we introduced G Suite Essentials so teams can adopt popular apps like Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet, to collaborate, stay connected, and get more done, even while apart. To increase productivity, many teams and organizations need tools customized to their unique data and workflows. But getting access to the technical resources to build tailored apps can be difficult—if not impossible.

To help, today we’re making AppSheet, Google Cloud’s no-code app-development solution, available at no charge to G Suite Essentials customers through Sept. 30.

AppSheet empowers anyone—including non-technical employees with no coding knowledge—to more easily and quickly create business applications. This means that anyone in an organization can build apps that are secure, flexible, scalable, and seamlessly integrated with G Suite, and data from other platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and Office 365, Dropbox, and AWS, all without putting a strain on engineering or IT resources.

Paired with G Suite Essentials, AppSheet opens up even more possibilities. It’s easy to create, read, update, and delete Sheets data directly from AppSheet apps; save and access documents, images, and files to Drive from AppSheet; open Meet from AppSheet apps for virtual meetings with team members and customers; and use Docs as dynamic templates for reports, emails, and PDFs that are saved to Drive.

AppSheet has already driven new efficiencies and faster processes for G Suite customers. For example, Solvay, an international advanced materials and specialty chemicals company, built no-code apps on AppSheet from data stored in Google Sheets. Today, Solvay uses approximately 1,000 deployed apps, tailored to the needs of specific plants, to replace paper-driven workflows.

While non-technical users can accomplish these kinds of important improvements, IT departments also retain centralized control of the features, permissions, and security of apps built with AppSheet. In addition, advanced capabilities, including AI and ML features, are easily embedded into apps to help drive productivity without requiring specialized developers or data scientists.

Watch our Next OnAir session, Supercharge Productivity With No-Code Apps Using AppSheet, available now on demand, to learn how KLB Construction leveraged their data to build mobile and desktop apps using AppSheet.

G Suite Essentials customers can get started today by accessing the AppSheet promotion. G Suite Essential customers who sign up for AppSheet will get access to pre-built app templates to help jump start app development in the areas of field services, worksite safety, and floor staff efficiency. Not yet a G Suite Essentials customer? Sign up at no charge through Sept. 30. Here’s where you can get started.

Thanks Lucinda for this info. We will check this and inform you as soon as possible.



Hello Lucinda,

I apologize for the delayed response, that alert is from leveraging Business or Enterprise features within the app editor. The GSE Promo only provides PRO licenses - However, if you require those features for your project, I can connect you with an Account Executive to discuss acquiring a Business Subscription for your organization.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Nick and @Aleksi,

Thanks for the reply. It would’ve been nice for Google to specify that Business accounts were EXCLUDED from the above offer.

I know we will need a business account and plan on getting one by the end of the free term.

I will see if I can easily remove the features that require the Business level so that my users can continue to use the app until September 30th as I had planned. The timing of the free offer fit perfectly with my deployment to gauge the users response.

And, yes, please have an account executive contact me.

Thank you.

I don’t know if you saw my response 9 days ago but I do want an account executive to contact me regarding a business subscription.


Hi @Lucinda_Mason,

My apologies for the delayed response, I have shared your inquiry with one of our account executives and I will also send an introductory email to kick things off!


That was probably my fault, I didn’t reply directly to you when I thought I had. Thanks for the email.


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