Using Google APIs

I wonder if now, after being purchased by Google, Appsheet would alow/be able to create functions using google api, just input your api key simewhere and use functions within appsheet rather than google scripts.
For example, a while back i wanted to be able to calculate driving distance between addresses. I had to write a google script but due to the daily limitation by google, my app was useles, more over, there was no way to add google map api to that script.
So now is the time to fully integrate the full power of google services with appsheet.

Thank you Ami for your suggestion and interest in Appsheet. We are starting to develop the combined roadmap with other Google Cloud Platform teams. Our mission remains the same: to provide you with a no code approach to building your business applications. We expect this mission to broaden as we integrate with Google Cloud services and take advantage of Google technologies. We will provide an update soon.


I was about to write almost the same thing. It would be great if I could just provide my API key, and then a “premium” list of functions could be provided.

How’s this one for you… Since you are a part of google cloud, we just have a premium subscription and it opens up the new functions, like map distance etc… We don’t have to go into google cloud console and play around with getting an API for what service we think we need. It all just flows through your company. I’d pay extra for that