Using Google slides and creating a hub

I am new to appsheet and I am trying to figure out if this is the write platform to build my idea. After trying to create an application with bubble I could not build the precise actions I want to and therefore I am looking for some other way to build it. I have a few questions before I dive in to appsheet and if anyone has another idea on how to get this done I would truly appreciate your help. I am looking into other solutions but I am not an IT professional as I am a Surgical Physician Assistant so low code or no code is best. I do think I will need some code to be able to get the functionality I want though.

So here is my dilemma. I want to be able to view a slides presentation in my app with a text box on the side. I want to be able to copy text from the presentation and paste it to a text box by the user pressing a button. That text will then be sent to a google sheet for storage. The bubble platform cannot handle this workflow. Can I create a workflow with appsheet to do this. I was originally going to make a web app for this for lap tops…is that possible as well or is appsheet specifically? The app idea is basically a hub to taking selected information from the presentation and sent it to a database by clicking one button. I have some basic screenshots if you are interested in viewing them to help visual the idea.

My second thought was to create and add on to Google Slides that could have the copy and paste functionality that would send the text to a google sheet and then the data would be available in the appsheet app. Would that be possible.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Josh Reissig

Yes, placing screenshot, and short movie capturing your existing app will help people in community to understand what your requirement and goal is going to be to place you on the right track.

Here is a screen shot. Notice the selected text is in the textbox on the right.

Thanks for sharing screenshot, but still I do not understand your requirement to the full extent.
Yes, you have slide (like Powerpoint) and text over there. The text of “valuable” looks hyperlink or something now?

You have a fixed text on each slide the user will be able to click? Or user can select any text out of single slide?
What is your final goal? you want to count the number how many times each text was clicked (selected) by app users?

Appsheet is quite powerful in terms of data capturing features, but on your case, it is still not clear to me what is your data and how you would like to capture and for what reason etc…

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Not readily possible.

I was, but still not sure what Josh wants to achieve, but I was on the thoughts dashboard may help?

Create the details view with slide setting. And create another table with ref to it, and display the texts which appears on the slide.

Dashboard is set to interactive mode.

No clue though.

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This is the goal…
1.)a person can upload a slides document or pfd into the app.
2.)take only important information from the slides show by selecting it and pressing a button to send it to my own text box. To make an outline to study from.
3.)Send that data to a sheet or a google Doc.

The object is to make an outline of only relevant information from the slide show but without typing or hand writing the outline. If appsheets is not the right place to be is there a better more friendly low code application I could build this on? Thank you again for your time.

Answering to 1), yes, Appsheet is capable to upload PDF and slide with any type of file. If you assume Google slide, then NO.
Google Slide is not a file, but just online docs, like google sheet, doc.

Appsheet is not able to display the google slide, PDF within “Appsheet View” for the moment, but for now. But I should be able to do so, as they are pretty much capable to adopt the new features. However, rather than uploading file, PDF, slide (in your tems), upload “image” to the Appsheet and display the same on the appsheet view.

You user to view those images. But Appsheet, even on the other platform probably can not select the texts on the image files, and copy it to clipboard. Forget this option, then ask your user to manually type them into the form and then save.

Based on that, I would say it is POSSIBLE with Appsheet.

Sounds like you are on Education side.

I copy to specialist in Appsheet world for that part as well.


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I am on the education side but all is lost without the copy and paste feature as that is the advantange I am trying to gain is saving time by not typing all that information out.

My work around is now to create an add on to google slides where I can get the information and copy and paste it to a google sheet. Then use the google sheet to upload the data to appsheet for mobile access for the data. I am not proficient in app script so a little help there would be nice if I run into issue but that is my game plan for now. Thank you for your time.


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