Using Grouped Actions relating to multiple tables


One type of Action I am planning needs to have two steps:

  • increment a value in table A (eg. next row number to process)
  • go to a view that is based on table B (where the bulk data lives)

But (in the process of creating an Action to do these two steps) it appears the “GROUPED: Execute a sequence of actions” action only applies to one table. When I click Add it only shows views based on one table.

How do I achieve my goal?

Colin G

You’ll need to make use of a deeplink navigation formula:

LinkToRow() - most likely

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Could you be a little more specific? At this point I need step-by-step help.

I have two (Action 1, Action 2: low-level?) actions, and I (think I) want to create a GROUPED action.

Action 1: Based on table A
Action 2: Based on table B

Where would the LINKTOROW() or LINKTOVIEW() references come in? Can you provide an example of any syntax involved, and where it goes?


Colin G