Using If statement to set columns to a value


I need some assistance with the Set These Columns feature in Actions. I’m developing an app linked to a Google Spreadsheet for a trial. During the trial of the app, some users will continue to enter data directly in the Google Spreadsheet whilst other users are testing the app.

Using Actions, I want the app to update a single specific column, if the column matches a condition. In Actions under Set these columns, I use the following formula for each column

if([mask]=3,“Good”,"") and so on…

This works well but the problem is that, when the if expression is false it wipes all existing data. Is there a way to only return the value “Good” when the mask condition is true, but do nothing if the expression is false?


You may wish to share more details on how exactly how you have configured the action.

However, in general, through a combination of Action Conditions and other conditional function alternatives such as IFS() instead of IF() , you could get the desired result.


Hi @Kris_Karlsson

In addition to what @Suvrutt_Gurjar said, here is another way to achieve same result