Using iframe with google authentication in LumApps

Hi, I would like to know if there is any solution for this problem.

I am trying to create an app which requires user login (each user will just be able to access their data, filtered by their USEREMAIL). The issue here is that this app will be used as an iframe in a webpage created using LumApps. My LumApps site already performs an authentication using Google as a provider, and it seems it may send user identity on my iframe (see image). But when loading the page (as a user), it requires the sign in, and after clicking it returns an error (rejected by because it’s an iframe)

However, if I turn off the “Requiere user signin?” the app works fine using iframe. And it seems it even Signs in the user connected to LumApps (I have checked this on the side menu: it appears the user email and the button Log out). So, why can’t I properly use my app on the first scenario?

As far as I know, there is no way to use Google authentication inside an iframe, but maybe someone has a workaround.

Thank you in advance!

Iframe with Google sites will work. Google sites need to be visible only to a group of people - when published. With this, we are utilizing the group google authentication.

At least, that what’s I am doing now. And we set the Require user sign-in with Google.

Maybe others in this community have a better idea?

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Thanks, @Heru . It’s not what I need, but usefull anyway.

I opened a ticket with LumApps and they provide me this info:

The “Send user identity” option will add the usertoken to the iFrame URL. The token is added as a parameter: http://base_url?token={token}

The site in the iframe can use the token to call our API and get the identity of the user. In other words, it requires custom development on your side.

If anybody has a clue how to solve this, or whether there is no solution at all, I would be really greatfull

Hello Heru, i want to ask. How to build Iframe with Layout fullscreen and precision on my phone…

Are you making it with a google site?