Using list data types for phone numbers

I would like to use the application that uses one field as a phone number list separated by comma.
But when I select list as a datatype it states that I cannot add a list to a non virtual column.
How can I add multiple phone numbers to one contact without adding a reference table?

May be with having more than 1 phone column?

No, since I do not know how many will be used, sometimes none, sometimes maybe 10. I do not want to have 10 phone fields in the form.
I just want to know if this is possible, because referenced tables are not nice for me, and multiple columns just add an unnecessary fields.

Use EnumList rather than List.


But EnumList offers a list of already entered values, and what of the performance of the EnumList then? If I have 10 000 customers each with a single number, this list would be huge.

It can, but it doesn’t have to.

No different than with List.

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Thank you. I did not know that you can disable a already entered list.

Also a question, does the Base type have any effect? Because setting this as phone, does not change my details (to make it callable).

Generally, yes, but…

There is that.

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