Using number input to inform child (inline) input

Hi all,

I have something which may be simple but I cant come up with the solution.

I have a form that requests the number of floors in a building.

eg. 9 floors

I want to build an inline form where the user can then enter how many businesses are on each floor.

floor 1 = 2 businesses
floor 2 = 1 business
floor 3 = 1 business

Based on the number of floors from the parent I would like to make sure that the user also enters total amount of floors in the inline. In my example I would like to check that they filled in 9 floors (eg. record count) If not it should show a warning (ValidIf).

Is there a way to do this with an inline form?

In generally you could do this with few ways. I would use Event action with the form view. When the child record is saved, it would open a new form view again and again. When the last one is saved, the action is not triggered anymore. That you can do with the action’s option “Only if this condition is true”.

Thanks, will try that!

You’re welcome