Using of Action and workflow function

Hi, I was planning to create an action button for a user to generate ‘DO’ whenever it is needed. However, I do realise that the action function does not allow me to input any template hence, I tried to input it in the workflow function and specify the task category as “create a new file”

I have an idea where if the user presses the action button, the 'DO" will be popped out in the app and the admin staff will be able to download it from there. May know if this is possible to be done or there is another alternative to it?

What is “DO”?

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Hello, “DO” is a delivery order. I created a template for it and would like to integrate this template in the action button

Files are generated by workflows or reports. Workflows and reports are run by AppSheet servers, not in the app itself. The files generated by workflows or reports can be saved to cloud storage and/or sent by email. So to use an action button, the button will have to add a new row to a table or update an existing row. That change must then must be sent to the AppSheet server as part of a sync. When the change is received by the server, a workflow configured to be triggered by such a change will act to produce the file. If the workflow emails the file, the user will have to go to their email to get it; if the workflow saves the file, the user will have to download the file from the app’s cloud storage.