Using one column value in another column - form view

I have 5 columns to be filled by the user in form view. Is there a way to use first column value in second column?

Thank you Steve. I have tried using App formula. Its not going though. The below error is shown.

Column ‘State’ is used in a SELECT or list dereference expression and should be a List/EnumList of Refs

I’ll elaborate my requirement.
I have a table named STATE (It contains list of State names).
I have 10 more tables with each state name with details (Organisation, Customer Name etc.)

I have 5 columns in another table which needs to be filled by an user.
1st column - Enum ( Valid if = State[Select State] )

2nd column - Enum (Here i need the drop down of Organisations from the state name selected by the user in the 1st column)

Please suggest.

You made a Table per state? This is not a scalable solution, as if you ever need to add a new state, you’ll also need to add a new Table. If you need multiple “details” records per state, you should just make a single child Table to hold those “detail” records, that references back to the state Table.

Assuming you accomplish the above, you can get a List of organizations with:
SELECT( state_details[Organization] , [state] = [_THISROW].[state] )

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