Using Photos and Text with EnumList

I’ve been creating an app for my Sunday School class, and we need to take attendance every week. Right now I have my attendance form currently have it looking like this:

However, I do want to add the child’s picture next to their name. I was looking at the timesheet app and was hoping I could model it like this, but instead I have checkboxes to select multiple kids rather then just one.

I wasn’t sure how to do that while creating an EnumList that allows me to select multiple options and having the child’s picture next to the name. Currently, the form view is set up by having a column titled “Who is Here” that has a Column Type EnumList with suggested values from the Full Name Column of my Master List (Master List[Full Name]).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The sample that you have shown is probably a REF type column where the images left to the name came from the LABEL property of the referenced table. The LABEL property shall be an image or a thumbnail type. You can create an ENUMLIST column with REF type, however bear in mind that the students that you have picked up from that enumlist will be recorded as a comma separated list of key column values of the referenced table, unless your [Student Name] column is not the key column itself.