Using Private Tables for whole app

I am currently in the process of making an app for my dealers to quote customers. I have set private tables so that they can each use the app individually without updating another dealers quote. Everything seems to work fine except that the 2nd table I have in the app no longer gets updated with the info from the 1st table. Is there any way the tables can update each others without taking away the private tables option?

If they could update each other, they wouldn’t really be private, would they?

They only need to be private to each individual app. Is that such a hard feat to acquire? How are multiple users supposed to be able to use the app if they have different customers to tend to yet their sharing the exact same table data with a dealer in a completely different part of the country?

Instead of being arrogant you can skip the question and let somebody who might actually have an idea help me. My 1st topic I posted had an arrogant response from @Steve and another user/member actually had a solution to my problem. So if it sounds ridiculous it might simply be that you just don’t have the answer. Arrogance behind a computer screen seems to be at an all time high nowadays.

If this is the solution to your problem, why doesn’t it work?

A solution to 1 problem doesn’t fix every problem. Have a nice day.


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How funny is it that the 2 people that had no answer for my 1st question, but another person did, are now here seemingly trying to defend their “pride” in such an immature way. Didn’t realize this “community” consisted of 2 big children. Thanks for wasting my time.