Using REF_ROW when "ref-column" is a list

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if there is a way to use REF_ROW to retrieve rows from another table when the “ref-column” is a list?

REF_ROWS( " from-dataset " , " ref-column " )

I have two tables: Equipment, and maintenance.
Using EnumList Ref column types, I can assign equipments to each maintenance task I create, and viceversa, assign tasks to each new equipment I create.
This creates a List of Referred Equipments and Maintenance Tasks that is read like text separated with commas.

Im trying here to use REF_ROWS expression to get references to all equipments assigned to each Maintenance Task in the Maintenance Table, and vice versa: Get references to all Maintenance tasks assigned to each equipment in the Equipment Table.

Is this possible?

Not possible with REF_ROWS.
You can achieve most of the same functionality with FILTER( table , IN( [_THISROW] , [EnumList] ) )


Thank you @Marc_Dillon , this did work to get a list separated by comas of those associated maintenance tasks to each Equipment.

Although what Im trying to achieve here is to have a Referenced List like the ones we have when using REF_ROWS. With the “view” and “add” button.

I want to have the ability to navigate from the Equipment, to the maintenance tasks, and viceversa.

Is this possible?

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Yah, it should just work, assuming you set everything up appropriately.


Thanks @Marc_Dillon !

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