Using Smartsheet projects

My company has recently started using Smartsheet. We are a pool renovation company and each job is being set up as a separate project. We want to have an app where our field workers are able to see each task assigned to them from the various projects and update on their status/add comments. However, I am not sure how to accomplish this without a lot of ongoing work - since each project would have to be added as an individual table to appsheet. In this scenario, all column modifications and actions would have to be done and added every time a new project is added. We use Zapier for some other things but I’m not finding that to be anymore helpful as you have to select a specific table as well for any triggers.

Essentially, we’d like to leave them all as separate projects in Smartsheet, but need them to be in one sheet to be used for appsheet - while still being able to monitor all updates made in the field in the individual projects. .
Any ideas on how to accomplish this?

Have you checked out Smartsheet REST API? You could use that to feed a consolidated Gsheet via a google app script that is bound to it and published as a web app. Essentially, any changes on the smartsheet side would post data to the web app and changes made in AppSheet could be sent back to smartsheet, if required.