Using SPLIT() in Suggested Values

Hi all,

My apps have a EnumList column which values like this (3rd value):

I use the default delimiter.

I have a Enum column of text which have to use the split list as the suggestions for the Enum column. So I put this expression in suggested value:

select(公司[地點], [公司] = [_THISROW].[公司]),
" , "
) + 地點[地點]

However, the final result is that the list becomes one concatenated values instead. Am I doing something wrong?


Final result becomes:

If I understand correctly:

image this field is an enumlist, correct?

And you’re wanting to pull in all the items entered into that column


But when you do, all you get is a single large button of all the options concatenated together, yes?

Try the following:

SPLIT(select(公司[地點], [公司] = [_THISROW].[公司]), ",") 

Yes, exactly!

Let me try, but I wonder if select() return a list of values?

It works.

At first I used " , " to split the value of enum list since I saw the values are separated by those 3 characters. But than I follow your suggestion to use “,” instead and make it.

Thanks a lot!

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AppSheet is really good at trimming extra spaces off things intelligently; they know what we’re generally trying to do, and make it happen for us. :nerd_face: That’s one of the reasons why I love the platform so much, it’s soooo intuitive on things that people are completely unaware of.