Using stored values with a new form entry. LinktoForm with Parent Table/Columns and Child Tables/Columns

I have an app that has many child tables. We use it to log inspections. Currently we are on year two of our inspections and I would like to incorporate some of the existing data from the parent table and child table into new records so we don’t have to duplicate some of the form entries as they will stay the same. Like Locations, Serial Numbers, etc.

I would first like to know if LinktoForm is the best way to tackle this. I have tried a few times but get stuck with needing child table values. I also get stuck knowing how to get the action behavior to work directly from the default Form View Entry. Any help would be appreciated.

I cannot understand what you are wanting to do. I suggest that you elaborate some more, maybe ask it another way, and provide screenshots of the situation.

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I have a form (Entry Form) that allows us to enter values in a handful of columns [County] [Locations] [Municipality]. We also have a lot of child tables and columns using this Entry Form [Device Identification] [Heights] [Types]… I would like to basically create an action that takes the previous data (both Parent and Child) and allow me to create a new row using a selection of the that previous data.

Specific examples of what you’re wanting to do, including screenshots, would be very helpful here, as your requirements are still not entirely clear.

Are you wanting to copy records?

Are you wanting to lookup specific values, and pre-populate records with those values?

What exactly were you having troubled with when attempting to use LINKTOFORM. What does “needing child table values” mean?

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