Using the Create button for an Attachment Template displays a useless link

today i deleted an existing link to an attachement template created in/by Appsheet.
i deleted (and saved version) because i changed the source table and wanted a clean template created by appsheet’s Create Button.
but i hit the Create Button and it gives me this bad link to a something i cannot ever View with the button next to Create, and does not look like any other Attachment templates i’ve ever seen:
“Content/INVOICING REPORT BY JOB > DOCKET_AttachmentTemplate_20200211_084228.xlsx”
can you pleae advise, am i doing something wrong?

Hi @Eso_Surveyors
What happens if you delete this one , save and verify, clear cache and refresh browser and try again?

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yep, cleared teplate name, saved, logged out, closed browser session. then cleared last day cache, last day history, logged back into appsheet, hit Create, same useless link= Content/INVOICING REPORT BY JOB > DOCKET_AttachmentTemplate_20200211_101523. never seen this link structure before, always was docid+… or similar. is this transient? please advise.

BTW, i’ve done the delete link / Create drill a dozen times tonight. other Reports with links starting with DocId=… are working, but i’m not deleting / re-Creating those with this problem lurking.

When you have created that template, did that create this template? What reaction option are you trying to use?

The file name is computed in part from your workflow rule name.
I suspect that the > symbol in the workflow rule name is causing problems.
Try eliminating that from the workflow rule name.


Yes, @Phil ! well spotted, thanks!

@Phil Thanks, good catch!

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