Using the <<Start:>> expression, how can I ma...

(WhiteCrow MD) #1

Using the <Start:> expression, how can I make the output list into a continuous list separated by commas?

Another, can I force the <Start:> output list, if placed inside a table, not to form new cells every new entry on the list? Sort of, listing down the list in one cell.

Thank you

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

@WhiteCrow_MD, You have mentioned new entry on the list. Could you please add if you are referring to related records list that gets listed record by record for each parent record?

Would you like related records to be listed by only their keys or label values in continuous comma separated list format instead of detailed record having all columns from the related record?

(WhiteCrow MD) #3

I have made a slice from a table. Then, used the <Start:Filter()><<[Name]>><>. The output is with page break on each entry of the list of names.

Ex. John Joe Denver Heroe

I want the output to show it as John, Joe, Denver, Heroe

I tried placing the same expression on a cell of a table but the ouput would generate new cells for each entry of the list of names.

Thank you

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

@WhiteCrow_MD, Thank you for your update. Somehow I am unable to create an expression like the one mentioned by you for testing purpose.

However, as a workaround, could it be feasible

to create the said filter list in the corresponding table itself in a VC (and then include in the slice) and then use it in the workflow or report template expression?