Using user settings to Swap between Units of Measure

Good Day,

I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to achieve what I am currently trying to do.

I currently have an inventory table that displays quantities of [Total Inv], [Allocated], and [On Hand] in cases

I would like users to be able to swap between different units of measure…


One way I figured I could do this is to generate VCs for each Inventory category ([Total Inv], [Allocated], and [On Hand]) then utilize a Show_If Constraint like so…USERSETTINGS(Inv UoM)="kg"

However, if I have 4 UoM that I would like to swap between that would be 16 additional VCs - is there an easier way to achieve this without utilizing so many VCs?

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Nope. :frowning:

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Hello @Elijah_Magrane, you could use a single VC for that, but you would have to build a single switch expression with all 16 cases, and that would be quite ugly.

Or, depending on how you manage the inventory movements, you could use a workflow+action combination to recalculate the value of your inventory items when there are changes that need to be made, so instead of having any virtual columns, you would have one normal columns for each measurement unit that you need to display.