Using Valid if on the same table twice

I have two different addresses I need to input, recipient address and caller address. App users will only have certain service areas so I use “Valid If Service Area Data[City Alias]” under Data Validity combined with lookup() to fill my state and zip columns from the Service Area Data table to make entering the data faster.

Everything works great on the Recipient columns. [Recipient City] has a dropdown with only the city’s in the Service Area Data table.

After I fill in the Recipient columns, on the next page I have an option “Is Caller the Recipient?”. If they click no, they should be able to enter a separate address for the caller.

However, if the [Recipient City] is already populated on the previous page, [Caller City] is now set to and locked on what [Recipient City] was set to and I cannot use a drop down.

Pleassseeee help I try not to ask many questions and do my own research but this one is stumping me HARD!

I found the answer… I was using the formula Table Name[Column] in the Valid If. You need to use a SELECT() expression. SELECT(Service Area Data[City Alias], TRUE).


This feature was causing the behavior you had to work around:

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