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I have an http request that works from a browser:

How to configure a webhook to run it?

All my tries result in a (400) Bad Request error

Thank you for your help !

Need a bit more info. Screenshots or configuration settings?

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Hello !

Thanks ! Here is a screen shot. !

You need to check the HTTP Verb - I think the endpoint is expecting a GET.

If so, you will have to change your Url to be what you currently have in the Body, leave the Body blank.

Also, the HTTP Content Type seems incorrect as well - my guess is it should be JSON.

Is there a documentation page for this web service?

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Here is the (french) documentation !

You are trying to send an SMS, it appears. For that, you need to do a POST.

The Python code is given:

import requests

url = ''
params = {
    'keyid':    'a296464ce012b8ab710a',
    'num':      '33601020304',
    'sms':      'Bonjour! Bienvenue sur iSendPro!',
    'emetteur': 'isendpro'
response =, params)

You need to configure your webhook as follows:

HTTP Content Type: JSON
Body: {
‘keyid’: ‘a296464ce012b8ab710a’,
‘num’: ‘33601020304’,
‘sms’: ‘Bonjour! Bienvenue sur iSendPro!’,
‘emetteur’: ‘isendpro’

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It’s better but there is an error !

“Errors”: “Error: Failed to parse JSON due to Invalid property identifier character: ‘. Path ‘’, line 1, position 1… Invalid JSON value starts with: ‘keyid’: ‘au73aoQgHk98kvoLzmP75NQ3g8TmKK2j’,‘num’: ‘0695390116’,‘sms’: ‘Bonjour! Bienvenue sur iSend”,

Check your quotes - are you using the correct quote character? Try double quotes instead of single quotes.

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With this body :
“keyid”: “au73aoxxxxxxx75NQ3g8TmKK2j”,
“num”: “0695390116”,
“sms”: “Bonjour! Bienvenue sur iSendPro!”

“Exception”: "Webhook HTTP post request failed with exception The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request. ",

At this point, I can no longer help - you will have to check the logs in your isendpro dashboard or contact their support. Good luck.

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Thanks !