Using Word documents instead of Google docs

I have a number of complex MS Word documents that I would like to use in conjunction with an App. If I convert to Google Docs, they don’t seem to open well. E.g. tables don’t convert accurately and even though the documents are set up as landscape and appear as landscape, the emailed PDF attachment arrives portrait.

The documentation seems to suggest that I can work with Word docs but I need to edit them outside of the AppSheet view link. Is there a reliable process or do I need to laboriously convert them all to Google docs?

The Landscape/Portrait thing threw me as well! I assumed the orientation would be respected from the template. This is not the case and if you look a little bit further into the workflow settings, you will see there is a Landscape/Portrait option for the attachment which overrides your template setting!

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Thanks Scott. That gets me past that hurdle. It’s messy working with Word and Google Drive, mainly because of the new restriction on shared folders, but at least I can make it work for me now. Appreciate your help