Ussing a CSV table to make the APP

Hi community. This is Omar, and I am staring with the develop APP with AppSheet
I want to create an APP from a google sheet file that has a sheet “Hoja 1” with data pasted from a .CSV file.

The problem is that the App never is created.

It can be a problem with my explorer ??? I tired with Chrome and Mozzilla with the same result

Thanks in advance


Hi Omar! Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

It would help to let us know what precisely you have done so far. Posting images of what things look like is best - sheet, AppSheet table and columns, etc.

My first thought is to the creation of the sheet from the CSV file. Many times CSV’s have just the data without column names. After importing the CSV, does the Google sheet have proper column header names?


Thanks a lot John for your answer.
I have deleted the app and create it again and the problem not be present again.
I do not know why. …:eyes:
And yes, the CSV files has column names and they are not repeted.
As I am starting with this, I thing that I made some wrong, but I can not see it for now
Thanks again and shure I wll ask you some in a little time


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