UX Form & text color

I have a form in which I’ve been able to apply color to the dropdown selections just fine.image

2 questions:
1 - how do I make the entire question show in the ‘dropdown’ box? (the first question should be ‘how many hours sleep have you had in the last 24hrs’, but when looking at the dropdown all that can be read is “how many hours sleep have yo…”

2 - shouldn’t the color/formatting flow across to buttons/stack if either of those are selected?

As you can see in the 2nd image, coloring is not applied (same coloring scheme to choices).


Hi, to your second question, the format rules can be applied to selected fields/columns. If you didn’t select columns, they won’t be affected by the format rule:

If you want colorization across fields, you may need to ensure that the logic of your IF statement takes that into account. E.g. “AND(question one is X, question two is Y)” or similar.

To your main question, I think that may be true that in some situations/widgets we crop text. If this is very important to you, you may want to evaluate using “Show” fields. Here’s an app with the survey questions:


Notice how the form has prompt text for each question. To learn more about these special “Show” fields, here is a note and a video:

Hope this helps!

thanks @TyAlevizos, but this is not a column, so the ‘show’ type will not work. This is an enum field with options that must be chosen. And I do have the column formatted in the UX:

(i’ve missed that on other apps before! :wink: )

As stated, albeit, maybe not clearly, the text formatting works as expected when in dropdown format:

but not in stacked or buttons:

I think I see it now.

For format rules, the button version is working for icons, but is not rendering colors (and possibly not rendering highlighting)… Odd… I think that’s a deficiency/bug/feature. Can you please post in the “Report Bugs” topic and link to this thread?

As to the cropped question, I agree that this is currently the way it is behaving and admittedly perhaps not ideal. My original alternative to provide some help text in the form of a “Show” column type might still be your best bet.

Open to any else’s ideas of course!