UX Format Rules - Rules stop working after view change

I am applying some format rules to change colors/icons of certain cells when the proper conditions are met for visible feedback to the user. I find that, in the editor, the rules are applied to the preview as I make changes. As soon as I change the view, all format rules go away and only come back if I reload the app. So it seems that the rules are applied at launch and then disregarded ever after.

My expressions are very simple, such as IF [cell] = true.

Is this a known bug? Are there other settings I need to apply to make this work properly?

EDIT: TLDR: This appears to only be a bug in the emulator.

Are you changing the view before or after saving all the changes?

The preview panel is not really a true version of the app - it’s a close approximation that’s built by the editor on the fly. That’s why, when you make changes to things you can see them right away.

Are you seeing this same behavior for the formatting rules inside a web browser or on a device?

@Bahbus yes I was saving all changes before seeing the issue.

@MultiTech_Visions I will check in a browser and see if I can replicate.

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Also, clear browser cache.

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My experience with the emulator matches yours, @Erik_Meyer, so I’d call this a known bug. It’s been like that a long time…

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It seems to be working properly in a browser. False alarm fellas, false alarm.

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