UX keeps sending a Column to the bottom

Hi there,

So I have this table with 4 columns: A,B,C,D. IN the Data section they are all in order.

When I move to the UX section, it keeps moving Column B to the bottom, like this: A,C,D,B.
I tried to overwrite that with the “Column Order” option, it works, but when I click Save, “B” goes back to the bottom, even though the Column order option is still active.

Any ideas of what could be forcing this unnatural order of columns?


First thing to try: regenerate the column structure for that table.



I have encountered a similar issue in the past.

First thing I do to troubleshoot is make sure that the UX that is presenting the problem is the one that I think it is. Go to UX and under Display change the “Display Name” to something Unique ie. TestingViewName.

Now when you go to you problem UX if you do not see "TestingViewName. " on the top corner you know that you have been troubleshooting the wrong UX.

Depending on if you are using slices and how you write your queries for you virtual columns you could be looking in the wrong spot.


Restarting the editor seemed to have solved it.