UX Map View - Display Overlay Action


Hi, looking to have an action display overlay show up on a map view, is this possible?

I spoke to support@appsheet.com recently regarding the same subject, learned it is impossible for now. :disappointed:


@tsuji_koichi I’m glad to see that you have explored this already! I see… hmmmm… what to do, what to do…
I’m trying to allow the user to quickly switch back and forth from color to greyscale… It all works, I just can’t get a button in the right place.:confused:

What I tried to do was to set overlay action on map view which navigate to other view… and ended up with impasse, as Appsheet is not currently supporting the same. I forgot to place feature request for this, which I will do later today.

I understand your headache and frastration for now.

Possible workaround for now until we wait Appsheet dev team make it happen with new feature. I would say we create the super simple table one or two column and push the action button either prominent or inline and push that view to dashboard along with map view??

@Grant_Stead What are you trying to do? I don’t really understand. Could you post a little image?

I can’t… The info/dwg I have in the app is confidential…
I have two images a color image, and a grey scale image, and I want the user to be able to toggle between the color/greyscale… Ideally as a simple overlay action… I’ll have to revert to having that option in the USERSETTINGS()

I see… so your Map is a XY?
Could you set it up as an inline map?
So you would have the parent’s Detail view with the inline XY map.
Then you can use Actions in the Detail view to change the XY Background image.

If you are not able to use a Parent / Child relationship, you could build you on with the Hack from @GreenFlux :wink:


Hmmm, this may be a good option.
Thanks for getting me into the hack and slash mode… Let me play with this.

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@Grant_Stead I was inspired from your post and tried something :slight_smile:

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