UX + Partitioning Question


I have been working on a multi-country application where each country has its own partition. So far so good, but my only obstacle seems to be in the UX side. Is there anyway that I can hide certain columns for some countries and keep them shown in the others?
I used Show If, but that only hid the field in Form view, but it stayed visible in Table view which is not desirable. I really do not want to delete Table view from my application…

Your kind support is appreciated!

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Thank you very much!

Edit: Still doesn’t work, the column does not show in Form view but shows in Table view that is inside a Histogram Bar view.

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Please post a screenshot of the entire Show_If expression of an affected column.

The field should only show when the Country Option for a user = Saudi Arabia
It is working as intended for Form view only currently, even though the option for universal show-if is ON.

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Try this instead:

USERSETTINGS("Country Option") = "Saudi Arabia"


  (USERSETTINGS("Country Option") = "Saudi Arabia")

Same result

Hmm… Perhaps there’s confusion about how Show_If affects table views. Show_If shows or hides the value of the column in a table view, but does not show or hide the column itself. So if your table view includes column A, but Show_If hides the value, the column in the table will exist but will be blank.



There is no way to hide the entire column in a table view using just an expression.

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Thanks for explaining that. Can you lead me to a way in which I can hide an entire column according to partition?
I will have to stop using partitioning if there is no other way and each country will have a different version of the app which isn’t ideal.

Thanks for your continuous support!

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Maybe you can create 2 ux tables equal to 1 show and 1 hide, and select show_if Table when user = Arabic
And show_if when user <> arab

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A wonderful idea! I will create a slice from main Datacenter for each country only including the columns of concern and set up the condition for Show-if in the way you described. Hopefully this work. I will update this post tomorrow in case of success/failure.

Thank you!


Excellent idea!

Just curious, I have 5 main views of which 4 depends on the country of the user. Adding all of the views will give me a count of 21 UX views, will that affect sync time or make the application inefficient?

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It worked wonderfully. Thanks for helping

Alhamdulillah ma’assalamah fii amanillah

The number of views will have virtually no affect on sync time, but will add complexity to your app design, which may make future development of the app more difficult. Just something to consider for you as the app developer.

Makes sense. I am happy to say that my application is working better than expected, and I see the possibility of further development in the future.

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