UX: Position of Edit button overlaps Add button of Ref Tables


I’m wondering if there is a better way to present the Edit button inside a Detail view?

The problem is that it is overlapping the Add button for the Related Views:


I observed the same issue, which is obviously a bug in UX


That is the position of overlay buttons. Always.

You simply don’t want it to be overlay. OR add something else to the bottom of the detail view that will force the Add button for the last Related section to be raised higher.

This was observed almost 3 years back and made corrected, but unfortunately the issue was back again possibly due to recent major works on UIs by Dev team.

Well, I still don’t consider this a UI bug. They could move the add buttons, but moving them to the left doesn’t make any sense. And moving the default overlay position doesn’t make any sense either, since I’m pretty sure that position is somewhat governed by Google’s design specifications. Hence my suggestions to either take the button off overlay, or use another column at the bottom to bring the whole thing up. You can keep it classy with just some kind of company text, a disclaimer of sorts, or potentially even blank space to just give some extra scrolling room.

Or AppSheet devs could just give details more scroll space in general to solve it.

I respect your view,but for me, this is a bug

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I haven’t seen those options before.

This is my usual display.

Or is that a generic rule that is applied inside Options?

Its on the Actions themselves under Behavior side tab. If you can’t see the Edit actions, there is another button near the bottom of the Actions tab to “Show System Actions”.

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