UX Show_If - All Columns from the Same Table

In two of our apps, when attempting to set a Show_If condition on ANY view, the expression builder only shows columns from one table regardless of the underlying table. Because of this, I cannot set a show_if condition on the views.

In two other apps I checked, the columns being shown are from the user settings which are not being used.

This bug may be affecting other apps but I have only confirmed four so far

I have tried:
closing and reopening the editor
saving and verifying data

@Phil, @Steve, @Aleksi, @Peter

Yup, I’m seeing that as well

@praveen, @Phil, @Steve, @Aleksi, @Peter

Does anyone have any input regarding this bug?

As Matt showed this in his video, yes it sounds a small issue with “Columns”. Though you can write your formula as you wish without the need to pick up the column name for your Show? formula.

I did note this issue internally yesterday. I encourage you to contact support@appsheet.com directly if the matter is urgent.

If you have the QREW extension installed, there’s a tab with all your tables and columns there. :nerd_face:


Hi, we’re taking a look.

Here’s the issue… The Show_If for a view warns:

This formula is not evaluated in the context of a row, so column values are not available.

This means that a formula like [Status] = "Open" wouldn’t work in a Show_If for a view. Why? Because there is no notion of “the current row” for a view. So a formula like [Status] = "Open" doesn’t make sense in this context, since [Status] is ambiguous—which row’s status do you want it to check?

Let me discuss with my colleagues to see if there’s a better way to display the column list here, since you might still want to know the list of columns (e.g. if you’re writing a SELECT formula).

Writing the Show_If with the correct columns and the platform returns and error and stops the app. If the columns are not in the expression builder, an error is thrown.

@Michael As Tony described earlier, the reason is not the fact is the column there or not. The reason is because the formula is probably just not possible… and throws an error.