UX --> Show If --> USEREMAIL() with a column

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a show if filter based on an column with email adresses in there. Based on THIS webpage i used the first one.

Table = Toegang
Colmn = Acces

1: USEREMAIL(Toegang[Acces])
2: Toegang[Acces] = USEREMAIL()

I get this on 1: USEREMAIL is not used correctly
I get this on 2: Cannot compare List with Email in (TOEGANG[Acces] = USEREMAIL())

Hope somone can help!

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The USEREMAIL() function takes no arguments, so USEREMAIL(Toegang[Acces]) is invalid.

USEREMAIL() produces a single value, but Toegang[Acces] produces a list of values (see Constructing a List in List Expressions and Aggregates). You can’t directly compare a singular value to a list, so Toegang[Acces] = USEREMAIL() is also invalid.

To check whether a singular value (e.g., USEREMAIL()) occur in a list of values (e.g., Toegang[Acces]), use the IN() function, like this:

IN(USEREMAIL(), Toegang[Acces])
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THANKS STEVE ! , this did the trick for the app that i’m building, thanks a ton for all that you do :slight_smile: .

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