UX View Type: Card

I aplogise if this has already been answered, but if it has, I have been unable to find it and I have spent quite a while looking through the questions and support docs.

I am looking for advice/information sheet about how to control the colour of the do-nut on the UX Type CARD. I want to make the circle RED when the result is ‘bad’ i.e. OVER 100% and GREEN when it is ‘good’ i.e. UNDER 100%.

As per this screen shot


First, I need to catch up to where you are. I’d like to be able to do what you have done. Since you are in card view, I assume that these donuts are SVG. Is that right?

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it should be default view for card view type when you place to the percentage type column into main image for card list view type.

In that case, we are not able to change color through the expression nor format rule.


I see. Thanks! In that case, would it be possible to do it with svg? I’m guessing it would be more complicated to implement, but possible.

Thanks for your replies, Tsuji and Kirk. I am just using the Out Of The Box Card UX. So from what Tsuji has said, it isn’t possible to conditionally format the colour. Pity. But thanks