UX will not open

My one and only app has suddenly got problems. Its unstable, sometimes its not possible to open the input UX called “Nye”.
There is 3 main UX selectable by buttons in the button.
This is what happens, selecting right, center, left:




And the when I select left again:


Normally the UX “Nye” would open showing the rows input today and a “+” to input further.
My table is currently at more the 5000 rows:


There has not been any performance problems until now, so before moving rows to a backup sheet, please any suggestions to why the UX does not open?

Your screenshots are inaccessible.

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Ups, sorry, sharing has been done now.

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Do any of your views have anything in their Show if setting? Do you have multiple views configured with the same display name?

No I have not been using “Show if” . I using “Display name” with a Select statement to get a name from my sheet, but have had no problems other than when starting the app I have to do an extra Synchronize before the name is showed (SELECT(Oversættelser[Text],AND([Sprog]=ANY(Setup[Sprogvalg]),[Text ID]=64 ))
Danish: Oversættelser = Translations, Sprogvalg = Language_setting

… and the app has been used extensively for months with no problems…

when “Show action bar” = ON in the UX it will not show.

This is definitely odd behavior. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this. Somebody there will have to look into your app configuration.

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I think so too. It very difficult to get a useful response from the support. Thank you for now, hopefully I will find a solution.

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This is what it looks like