V.Calcs on reverse reference lists not updating until manual sync

Hi all -

I have a Bookings table and a Fin Txs table; the Fin Txs has a reference to the Bookings table, and the Bookings table has the reverse reference to related Fin Txs.

I have a virtual column in the Bookings table that adds up the value of all related Fin Txs. The formula I originally used was a normal select statement SUM(SELECT(fin txs[amount],[booking key]=[_this].[booking key)).

This worked, but to simplify formulas and reduce referencing the full alrge Fin Txs table, I shifted the formula to the reverse reference formula: SUM([Related Fin Txs][Amount]).

The formula seems to speed up the app (not sync time but time after click save) and calculates correctly; however, it only calculates the field after a hard sync. In other words, if I add a financial transaction related to the booking, the total amount in the booking will not update unless I force a full sync. To reconfirm, it is a virtual column.

Is this expected behavior? Any ideas of the issue?

What you’re experiencing is “normal”. Numerous people have observed that reverse references tend to update later than other virtual columns. I don’t have an explanation for this behavior.

Ok. So it’s technically a bug then? Any plans to look into it, or best to just avoid these formulas?

I’m too far removed from the developers and decision-makers to know whether they consider it a bug or whether they intend to look into it. Myself, I avoid using the reverse references.