Valet parking app

Looking to have valet shifts called ‘assignments’ to be picked up by ‘valets’ who ‘log in’ to the system (app). Would also like the ability for the price/pay to be in the assignment and a way to pay that if possible.

Valet’s log in, pick up open assignments or accept the ones offered to them (1099 format), when they arrive to the job site, I want them to clock in (with there now-time and location), and then clock out when they are finished (clock out) possibly getting a signature form client as a requirement for the check out.

Once the Assignment is complete it would go for review to a manager. Once it is approved the pay can be issued.

Quick question, if assignments DONT have an assigned/confirmed valet – I want them to appear at the top of list or in front of everyone’s face some how. Possibly even incentivize whoever picks up the assignment.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Hi @Douglas_English
Also you may wish to check out this demo app in my portfolio. Trucks WF


I want to be able to remove a valet from an assignment; once that happens that assignment is now ‘open’; i tried and failed to display this on a slice with functionality, so I made another table called ‘open’

Then i made multiple actions for when i ‘bench’ a valet off an assignment it should add the assignment to the open list and remove the assignment from the assignment list.

I want the ability to add a valet to an assignment too. when i want to do this, i would like to see a drop down menu of the valets who are available and qualified to work the job.

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actually a lot of my questions are being answered in this