Valid_If chaged?

Just spent 30mins trying to diagnose a problem that didn’t even exist…

As far as I knew Valid_If functions are calculated on each change made in a form. In the App I’ve just been working on they don’t show up until you click save. Then they show on every change.

I’ve been going in circles because even this simple formula didn’t show the default red error message UNITL you clicked save.

All 4 columns were clearly “ALL” and you could even edit text boxes and other items in the form without the message showing.

If you are using the expression for the current row’s form ebtry filling and checking valid_if, I believe you may wish to add [_THISROW] before each column AND( [_THISROW].[Location],…)

Tried that, makes no difference

Hi @1minManager,

I am unaware what could be challenge. My testing shows it works. And it works even without [_THISROW]

Someone else may have inputs for you.

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Sounds like a bug. Please engage

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