Valid if date selected is on specific day


This part of my app allows users to input timesheets. Each day of the week has its on view and sheet. Users have been inputting incorrect dates, ones that are impossible. such as 15/4/20 as a Sunday (Aus). which it is not.

I am trying to create a valid if expression that only allows a user to input specific date dependant on the day the form is built for.
This expression is built for Wednesday:
[Date_We] = (TODAY() - WEEKDAY(TODAY()) + 4 - 7)
This expression was built to allow the correct day for the previous week. (A situation in which users forgot to put in a previous timesheet and are doing it after that day) It works perfectly for this but it does not allow the user to put in todays date when it should be correct.

Any ideas?

You have a table for each day of the week? So you can store the WEEKDAY() value per table. Call it “x”

Set a valid_if like:



Thank you for that very simple solution

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