Valid If dropdown doesn't show option containing alphabet

Hi there, while I was creating a valid if dropdown list, the numerical options (e.g. 123) were shown, however for any cell containing alphabet, such as “abc” or “EL000180333LA”, these were excluded.

Can anyone please guide me on how to resolve this issue by having all cells to be included in the dropdown list?

Have to dependent dropdowns here then you can get all the options

Thanks Sreekar for the reply!

I did a Tablename[Column], supposed to contain all the unique options but it automatically filters out all those containing alphabet. What I am doing here is to ensure when people scanning a barcode, e.g. “abc123”, it will only be allowed only if it matches the reference data.

Ok got it…!!

Why don’t you two different columns one for alphabet and another for number then based on the number you can get alphabet

Try using IN([_THISROW].[Barcode field], Table[Column]) instead of creating a dropdown list. If the value scanned is in the list, it will allow the user to save the record

My suspicion is that one of your columns (either the referenced column, or the dropdown column) is set to Number type, when it should be set as Text.