VALID IF error while editing ENUMLIST

Hi everybody,
I have the same problem already mentioned in the post below by Hyman.
Are there any updates on this?

Hey all,
I have a enum list field which is filtered with a valid if select function. It all works well except when you edit the row at a later stage you get the “this entry is invalid” under the enum list field. If you reselect the same values, the error message disappears again until you edit the row again.
Anyway to get rid of the error message?

Please post a screenshot of the complete Valid If expression.



Is there a RESET ON EDIT set for this column? If you need to relest an enumlist content when you are editing a row, it seems that the enumlist appears to be empty instead of the values for that particular row selected.

It is not the intention to reset the column. It is rather the intention that other questions in the form can still be completed.
At this moment you get that error message every time you save the form. Than you have to deselect and reselect the answers.
This is because in the google sheet the values are in one cell separated by a comma. And that does not correspond with the Valid if construction …

I’ve tried this but not with the good result because you only get the selected answers and not the not selected values

If a column type is ENUMLIST, then the content of the this column is recorded to the sheet as comma seperated values, this is the normal behavior. When you edit this record, that enumlist column shall populate the values from the sheet and display them as selected. Provided there’s a mismatch, it’s possibly with the content of the ENUMLIST. How do you populate the content for that ENUMLIST column? Hard coded or with using Valid_If or Suggested Values?

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Hi LeventK,

Thanks for your answer.
The content comes form a sheet and it’s populated by this Valid_if constraint:

Where Questions is my table, Réponse is the column with the content to show if in column Context there is the word Raisons.


Does [Context] column contains single values i.e. Raisons?


In your ENUMLIST column, where do you use the below expression and what’s the content of [Metro_raisons] column? Is it a virtual column or physical?


These are physical columns.

This expression is used in Valid if …

This is almost doing the job:
When the kolom Metro-raisons is empty it shows me all different answers provided in my table like you have seen in the screenshot.
If somebody already answered this question it shows ONLY the buttons with the answers already provided.

So someone who selects one value doesn’t get the other answers to see anymore.
Or someone who re-edits can also see the answers already provided.
And not all the other values …


I believe there’s something wrong with the approach. Please correct me if I’m wrong but you need to use only the SELECT expression with the Valid_if, no need to enclose it within an IF() I believe.

Let’s assume from the Enumlist column user have selected any 3 of the [Réponse] values. If the user edits his/her record (provided I’m allowed to, don’t know):

  • Does the user allowed to change the content of the selected values? Plus or minus items seeing all the possible items from the list?
  • Does the user allowed to change the content of the selected values but the user only sees a list of the selected items in the dropdown, not the previously unselected ones?

Yes … this is the basic expression I use for the valid if but it gives the error value because when re-editing the valid if constraint finds separate by comma’s values in the column.

The user should be able to change the selected values and see the unselected ones …

Can you post a screenshot showing that [Metro_raisons] column content in the sheet and also the complete column structure of this enumlist column.

image ie one cel from the row Metro_raisons from the sheet

structure for what the screenshot alloxs me

Your Item seperator is missing! Fill it in and try again. Presumably that will solve your problem.

Perfect … A small detail that changes my whole world!

Thank you for your perseverance!

You’re welcome.