Valid if Expresions to Email Password Log In


Have a form to enter Email and Password. Users have previously registered in another form entering [User Email] and [Password]. The Data Table is Users.

Now i have a View Form Log In, where the user is asked for [Email] and [Password].

I wanted to check that the Email entered is Valid, to be valid it must be in the Users Table.


The expression for Email is Working.

The second validation will be the password based on the Email entered.

Tried the expression above which shows to be valid but is not working.

ISBLANK([_THIS]) in both Valid If expressions is pointless: Valid If is not used if the column value is blank.

In the Valid If for password, remove the [_THIS]=[_THISROW].[password] expression.

But if i don’t use the ISBLANK the text box does not show. Maybe because when you open the form [_THIS] is blank and in consequence there will not be any User with a blank Email in the IN() Expression.

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Ah, right. It’s because a Valid If expression containing just an IN() expression produces magic behavior, and you have to work around that magic. I suggest using FALSE rather than ISBLANK([_THIS]), if just to avoid any confusion that ISBLANK() is material. Or leave ISBLANK() as it was. Whatever the case, this doesn’t contribute to the problem validating the password.

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Did this.

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Tried this:

In the Invalid VAlue Error Message and it works.

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