'Valid If' expression in form blocking 'Actions'

Hi guys, so I understand why this is happening, because lets say you have a table and want to run an action on one of the rows (e.g setting its status to active), but in the form relating to that row you happen to have a ‘valid if’ expression in the column saying ‘not equal to active’, then when you click the action button it will result in an error.

My question is, without going into the PRO Plan level ‘change data’ rule, is there a way to bypass this ‘valid if’ constraint when triggering a normal (Premium level user) action? I don’t see why an action that is displayed in an ‘in line’ table view for example, should be handicapped by the ‘valid if’ constraints within the form itself. I understand the logic to be fair, but shouldn’t in line actions have special functionality that aren’t dependent on the usual logic inside your forms?

I’m afraid all actions are working in a same way. One reason is that if that action would overwrite this validation rule, next time when you open the record, you would not be able to save it with the same value.

I see, thanks for the reply Aleksi and for providing a use case example why it could cause problems.

You’re welcome