Valid_IF for actions

I have an action that creates a row in a subtable using a “add a new row to another table using values from this row” action. It has a valid_if on a date column to make sure your not adding a record when another with the same date already exists. The valid_if works if you manualy add the record, but not if you add use the action button.

I there a way to enforce this valid_If?

I have though about using a show_If formula. But I also want to use this action button in a table where you select mutliple record and then choose the action button.

You can create a behavior rule on the action to prevent the action from firing if a record having the same date exists. The drawback here is from a user standpoint there is no feedback provided for a success or fail.

You could normally remedy this by using a “go to another view within this app” action to take them to a success page. However, this may get wonky if you are using the action on multiple rows.

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