Valid If I don't want it to give me a list. I just want one specific row

Hello all
I have a problem using a function
Valid If
The problem is that it gives me a list and I only have one matching row
Could there be a solution to this problem so that the option appears directly without the need for the user’s choice

I tried using this function
ANY (MMM [email doctor])
But it gives me this error
The expression is valid but its result type ‘Email’ is not one of the expected types: Yes / No, List

Can you explain a bit more about what are you trying to achieve?

ANY() checks conditions and if any of the condition is true then “something” is going to happen.

You don’t have any condition there, only an email type column.

I have more than one Column
Each column represents a value
Column representing specialization
A column representing the doctor’s name
A column representing the doctor’s mail

The specialties are repeated, but the name corresponds to one email

When choosing a major and choosing a doctor’s name
It should show me his mail automatically

Here it appears automatically but it is in the list
The user must open the list and choose mail
I want him to appear mail directly without choosing

Make the email column not editable.
In the formula cell

[doctor] is the column in this table
[email] is the column from the table where you have the doctor’s details saved.

Use Initial value to give the column an initial value, not Valid If.

See also:

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All previous methods did not work

As shown before you in the table
The specialization appears, then the sub specialization, then the doctor’s name, then the e-mail
In the list of specialization, an option has been set
Valid If
Specializations [notakhassos1]

In the sub-specialty menu an option is set
Valid If
Specializations [notakhassos12]

In the name of the doctor was put an option
Valid If
Majors [Doctor’s Names]

In the email I want the email to appear without a list

I’m afraid I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t understand the script in your screenshots, so please bear with me.

It appears the chosen doctor’s name could be enough to locate the doctor’s email address–if each doctor will only have one email address. If so, you could try something like this as the Initial value expression:

  "table-with-email doctor",
  "email doctor"

replacing doctor-name with the name of the column of the form containing the chosen doctor’s name, table-with-email doctor with the name of the table containing the email doctor column, and doctor-name-column with the name of the column in the table-with-email doctor table that contains doctor names.

If a doctor could have different email addresses depending on specialty and/or sub-specialty, the above will not work. If that’s the case, let me know and we’ll try something else.

Thank you for following and replying

I want to make it clear that this table contains the majors, doctor’s and postal names
It’s a different schedule than we’re working on
That is why you see that we are using
Valid If

Now the doctor has more than one specialty
Also the doctor has one email

In my work this
When I choose the major from the first column, I see all the sub-specialties in the second column
Then the third column appears to me, which is the physicians who have the specialty that has been identified
There we need to show the mail corresponding to the doctor’s name

In the “Valid If” option
Mail shows us normally
But the problem is that it shows it as a list
I don’t want it as a list
I want it to appear as text that cannot be modified
So that I can send him an alert later

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Valid If cannot be used to directly set the column value. To set the column value–which is what you’re describing–you need to use an Initial value expression that uses the values of the previously-filled columns to choose the column’s value. The LOOKUP() expression I gave above should do that for you, if used in Initial value.

I tried the previous function
But it gives me an empty box

He worked with me when entering the function in
App formula

Thank you :slight_smile: :grinning: :smiley: