Valid If in Behaviour view help

Hi, I need some help. I have a main UX view with a nested view also. I need to write an expression for an action to happen to something in the nested view based on a certain value being in the main view. Here is what I have
AND(IN([THISROW_]“Order Received”,Order Requests[Order Status]),[Outstanding Qty]>0)
It only seems to work for the first record then reverts back as the [Order status] maybe different in the next record?. Please help



Hi @AntonyCole1979!

@Aleksi is the expression expert on this forum. I’m not confident about answering your question but perhaps he can. Good luck!

@AntonyCole1979 you are probably trying to check if the parent record contains status “Order received”. Instead of using IN expression, you can do that with a deref like [RefColumnName].[Order Status]=“Order Received”

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This is nonsensical:

[THISROW_]“Order Received”

and probably explains why it only seems to work for the first record.