Valid if statement to display text if an error occurs

(Caterina Pampolari) #1

Hello guys,

In google sheet, I have a column which shows a percentage. When there is an error in the formula I setup IFERROR so that it gives a blank result.
In the app, I want to show the text “N/A” whenever there is a blank in said column.

So far I tried these options, none of which worked:

  1. Valid_if: ISNOTBLANK([_THIS])
    Invalid value error: “N/A”

  2. Valid_if: ISNOTBLANK([_THIS])
    Invalid value error: [_THIS]=“N/A”

  3. IFERROR result in google sheet: “N/A”
    Valid_if: [_THIS]<>“N/A”
    Invalid value error: “N/A”

Do you have any Idea of what I’m doing wrong?


(Levent Kulacoglu) #2

You cannot display another value in a detail or table view if the column value is blank.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

@Caterina_Pampolari Why don’t you use a string with the IFERROR so it would show that with the app?