Valid If used to create enum, weird behaviour


I was previously using an enum dropdown list within appsheet. The flaw with this is I use the same list multiple times and changes take a lot of time.

I wanted to switch to the Valid If technique as it will allow me to make one spreadsheet change that affect heaps of lists.

The issue I am having is illustrated below with two screen recordings:

One column with valid if:

Two columns with valid if:

As you can see It looks like having two valid if columns in one table causes some sort of issue.
I have no clue what is going on, any ideas would be much appreciated.

Upon closer inspection its essentially working like a VLOOKUP.
Site is the row reference and Plant is returning the data from the plant column thats on the same row as the Site selected.

This issue is clearly caused by have my data being in a single sheet. Is the only solution here to have a seperate sheets per dropdown?

I would much rather have one sheet dedicated to storing the data instead of 10 sheets for each dropdown.

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Quick question. Does the behavior change at all if you mark both columns as Enum with just the Valid Ifs?

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Try using “suggested values” instead of Valid if.

This provides the same result

Surprisingly this works. The issue now is that it allows the user to input their own values

And what happens if you change the Valid Ifs to SELECT(TableName[ColumnName], TRUE) for each of them? Perhaps generating the list is a different way will break this behavior.


Works on both columns mentioned above. I will continue using this. Thank You @Bahbus

I am suprised I couldnt find this information elsewhere as the valid if technique seems widely used.

It’s probably never really used in this exact same manner.