Valid if & user input

Hi. I’m a appsheet beginner.

I have 2 columns , let’s say

  1. “Order type” (Enum) “Stock” and “not stock”
  2. “Style” (text) if “order type” is stock show list of stock style (i can do this, it show dropdown of style list in other table) but
    if not the
    user can fill what style they want. <<< this I can’t do because I don’t know which formula to fill in it if I want user to fill their input.

Another question.

I have a table called “size & qty” and it’s “ref” type

it has size column and qty column with the ref id which is part of “order” table

And then I create the “order received” table and I don’t want to retype all of the size & qty in the new ref of “order received” table. I want to use an action to add all of the “size & qty” to the new ref table and then edit it if there is missing qty case.

Thank you in advance

Move the Valid_if expression of your [Style] column to Suggested Values and explicitly mark 2 options under Type Details:

  • Allow Other Values
  • Auto-Complete Other Values
    This way, the user will be able to type the non-existing dropdown value by typing it in the search box and clicking the (+) sign next to Use

I believe I haven’t understood this part.

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