Valid if with difference table

hi dear
i build to a application, with appsheet and form input
but i want to use formula in field valid if
i use this formula
[_THIS] > keuangan[jumlah_keuangan] + catatan2[jumlah_pemasukan]
but my project display a error

even though my table is all number, can you help me for this problem?
I want when the user adds data here, an error message will appear because the data entered must not exceed the amount of the “[jumlah_keuangan]” table added to the “[debit]” table

keuangan[jumlah_keuangan] and catatan2[jumlah_pemasukan] are each table-column references, which each produce lists of values, not singular values. Can you describe in plain language what your comparison is trying to do?

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thanks, i will try it