VALID value messages in forms

It would be great if we could control when and what information was shown through the form field error messages. For example, I would like to add contextual information here without making the field mandatory:

Currently you can achieve this functionality with either valid_if statements or show() columns, however both have drawbacks:

  • Generally there should be a hierarchy of how information is presented within a form. It would be sensible for contextual information about a specific field to always live in the same spot. When considering where the error messages are displayed, show() columns don’t conform to this. Show() columns are also more work to implement, as they must be explicitly added and arranged in the various UX views.
  • Valid_if statements make the field mandatory.

Some examples where this would be beneficial:

  • Prompting for comment when certain conditions are met
  • Prompting user to verify information when abnormal values are input
  • Providing users with basic contextual information about other application variables or data such as previously entered values

Not if you make a blank field valid, but then the message won’t show.


Right - to my knowledge there is no way to have the error message shown when the input is considered valid.


Just an FYI. The “Description” property under the Display section of a column was meant for more explanation of field input. If implemented, it will only show on Forms. You can use an expression to change/control what is shown. However, the text is shown beside the label. Not ideal for a Side-by-Side view. Might be ok for the normal view where Label is on top.


That’s a good point. One drawback with the description field is that its not immediately obvious something has changed, at least in the way that the contextual error messages are :frowning:

In any case, there are a few different ways to achieve what this feature request is looking for… certainly in the category of a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than a need-to-have.


Agreed and agreed!! :slight_smile:

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